Our Brand Manifesto.

We’re the technology experts with no technology to sell.

The way technology aligns with business creates a landscape with unique features and a myriad of connections. Focusing on a single causal event without taking in the entire landscape reduces your scope of understanding and limits the relevance of your solutions. Microsoft’s 4 Pillars of Digital Transformation provides one of the most reliable models for planning the path through the technology landscape, so an organisation can arrive at the right outcome.

But what exactly is the ‘right outcome’? We believe it must be an environment where employees are empowered with the applications, services, and experiences they need, so they can operate at peak performance across optimised operations. That’s a lot of innovation happening concurrently across your operational environment – and it’s a challenge that, for many, is too complex to traverse with confidence.

Bridging the Boardroom Gap

The challenge is well explained in a recent AICD Report, ‘Driving Innovation: The Boardroom Gap’. The report reveals a sobering picture for Australian boardrooms, in which business leaders are struggling to prioritise innovation and lagging their international counterparts.

It goes on to explain that “Australian boards play a key role in fostering, driving, and monitoring innovation – but there remains a significant gap between strategy formulation and strategy implementation.”

Many Australian boards lack the critical technical and innovation skills required to understand how technology aligns with business, in a landscape with unique features and a myriad of connections, supporting interconnected processes and operations. Like we said, that’s a lot of innovation happening in one place.

The inconvenient truth is, you can only achieve this level of synchronicity if you have specialised people on hand to see the entire technology landscape – people who can see the critical points of interconnection through your technology platforms and prescribe solutions that support each one.

Seeing your challenge with pin-point accuracy

So, why can’t technology companies help you see the big picture? Afterall, most of them do have highly qualified and specialised pre-sales teams. The answer is found in their specialisation or affiliation with a particular technology or group of vendors. This makes them highly effective in delivering point solutions but limited in their ability to deliver cross-platform efficacy.

These relationships and alliances effectively induce a state of ‘technology myopathy’ – a short-sightedness and lack of insight to big picture solutions. Too often, they only see what they want to see, and attempt to skirt around challenges that don’t align with their technology offering. This results in IT solutions that are piecemeal, tenuously connected and limited in their efficacy.

Because Aibl doesn’t represent any technology vendors we avoid the myopic lens created by these specialisations and affiliations. We make it our business to see your entire technology landscape and see your challenges with pin-point accuracy. Because we balance the right combination of knowledge, insight, and expertise in each engagement with you, the Aibl team can focus-in on the places where technology is misaligned, under-utilised or under-optimised, or just simply ‘not working’.

The right solutions. Naturally more effective.

We get to this level of understanding in your business and your technology landscape by engaging with empathy. We ask the right questions, and we listen without any personal agenda or technology preference.

Because our approach is built on empathy, we’re more confident we’ll deliver solutions that have emphatic success.

And this is our promise to you: We’ll deliver the right solutions, with surety, confidence, and belief; so they’re naturally more effective.

Naturally more effective