Our Approach and Methodology.

By having the right conversations with the right people, using an open-minded and collaborative approach, we get a clear, detailed view of your entire business and technology landscape.

Once we understand the challenge – whether it’s a single point failure, or a series of interconnected issues – we then recommend and apply the right solutions throughout the business.

If we’re confident a technology solution will ensure the right business outcome, we guide you to that outcome with pinpoint accuracy. If your challenge is part of a broader business challenge, we’ll advise, guide, and collaborate until you reach the outcome you need.

  • Identifying the root cause of an issue means knowing how and where to look. Too often operational issues present as technology failures, so, firstly, we help you identify whether your organisation needs a technology solution or whether you need to resolve an operational issue.
  • If the challenge is technology related, we help you find the right solution provider and broker the best possible deal and/or engagement with them.
  • Because we’re independent we ensure you have complete flexibility and control, so you’re not locked to a technology or a provider. You get independent advice from a lifetime practitioner.
  • We’re your most trusted advisor when it comes to navigating and engaging with the ever-changing technology marketplace. With the right insight we can identify the people to connect with to identify the issues; then define the solutions required to resolve them.
  • By providing technologically agnostic, non-biased advice we ensure you get what you need, rather than what a technology provider wants to sell you. This may or may not involve the implementation of new technology.
  • Technology provides the platform for your business. We find that when employees or customers experience a problem or challenge with a business, it’s often technology that is identified as the way of resolving the issue.
  • On closer inspection, however, technology malfunction isn’t always the problem. More likely you’re experiencing technology misalignment, or the incorrect use of the technology.
  • Having identified the true causes of your issues, Aibl defines the causes of the issues, and the impact they’re having on the organisation. We then set about recommending the right technology and business solution, while there is not cookie cutter approach, achieving business alignment it involves an on-going strategic loop.to ensure technology is integrated with both the business strategy and operations.
  • When technology is aligned with business processes and operations, an effective outcome can be achieved.
  • We can only achieve this level of alignment because our people are business and technology specialists, who can see the entire technology landscape, and the critical points of interconnection through your technology platforms.
  • By avoiding the narrow-focus lens created by vendor alignment, platform, or application specialisations we see the entire technology landscape with pin-point accuracy.
  • Once we’ve identified the issues or problems, and we’ve agreed these with you, the right solution will be defined so your issues can be resolved internally or presented to external technology partners and / or vendors.
  • We’ll help you find the right solution provider and advise and guide you through collaborations with them, to ensure the right type of engagement and business-aligned outcome is delivered.
  • Think of us as your long-term technology advisor, problem solver and do-er! We’re always on hand to ensure you have the right people to deliver the right outcome.
  • If technology procurement is required to meet your challenges, Aibl will respond by operating as your specialist technology Procurement Manager.
  • We make sure the right insight and technology solutions are obtained and tailored to your unique business and technology environment.
  • Our promise to you is simple: The right solutions will be provided and integrated on terms that are as favourable to you as possible. With clearly defined outcomes and measurables.

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