Our Independent Approach

The Challenge

A little bit of history

It wasn’t so long ago that technology worked on a 3 to 5-year refresh cycle, usually centred around major release cycles from companies like Microsoft. e.g. the release of a new Desktop or Server product, or the release of an Email platform like Microsoft Exchange.

In this simpler world, the technology landscape was relatively straight forward, typically consisting of the following pillars:





It wasn’t too hard to have an all-encompassing end-to-end view of the market, what was on offer, and how the jigsaw puzzle fitted together.

Today, the refresh cycle is now, days & weeks. No longer, years. What was not possible 90-days ago, may well be entirely possible, today. And, the early day top-level pillars have dramatically increased with the introduction of new technologies like:

  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things ( IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum Computing
  • Social Productivity
  • Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality
  • Moving down from this top layer and considering the offerings from well-known vendors like Microsoft, Amazon (AWS) and Google, we are talking thousands of possible solutions. The sheer expanse of offerings is growing, changing and evolving day-by-day.
  • Further compounding the complexity is that we are seeing an immense growth of technology companies bringing new and incredible solutions to the market. Some of these new technology companies are trying to be broad, but the successful ones are specialised, typically in a market-aligned vertical area.
  • The new challenge is multi-layered. We now have both an expanse of horizontal technology solutions & vertical market-aligned solutions. Adding to this complexity is the latest research, providers and point solutions covering these evolving axis.
  • The bottom line is that end-to-end IT solutions are no longer possible. No single IT company has the ability or skills to provide an all-encompassing solution for the growing organisation.
  • Solutions often require multiple IT companies with their specialised areas of expertise.

When considering this new operating environment with the goals of your organisation, here are some considerations:

  • Who is providing you with information, is the information independent, or aligned to sales targets/vendor alignment?
  • What lens are you using to test the information? Are your decisions based on data and competitive analysis?
  • Have you considered the market landscape & looked outside your industry?
  • Are you only considering internal system upgrades (efficiency thinking) and forgetting the experience (engaegment thinking) of your customer? What are you providing to the marketplace to add value?
The answer

Digital Innovation is not just efficiency thinking; it’s about doing business in new and innovative ways.

Innovation, critical thinking, long-term planning, helping tap into high-quality research, and connect with industry experts is where Aibl differentiates.

Aibl sits above the entire cloud space keeping a firm grasp on what the market and technology companies are delivering from down below. As the market shifts, so do we. Taking that knowledge, we help stitch together roadmaps and solutions that will benefit your organisation.

Digital Innovation

Here are just some of the advantages of working with Aibl:

  • A core focus on your experience; we have no vendors to please or sales targets that bind to technologies.
  • We are redefining your technology experience through a single funnel of knowledge that links your organisational needs and expected outcomes.
  • We empower your agility, navigating market shifts and technology advancements; not weighed down by over-investment, skills shortages.
  • Access to the best-of-breed technology delivery companies in the partner ecosystem no matter the provider: Microsoft, Amazon (AWS), Google, Xero, MYOB, Salesforce, Zoom, or others.